Energy and Climate Change (EC)

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Energy Efficient Appliances Usage

Politeknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (POLISAS) intends to realize further energy savings by paying close attention to energy management. All parts of the organization can assess their own energy consumption and realize their own energy-saving potential by means of, for example, insulation, LED lighting and the deployment of sustainable technology. For the first phase, POLISAS allocated 20 % of electrical appliances to the energy efficiency appliances.

Solar Charging Station use 100% of solar energy to generate electricity. It locates at student centered hall and will benefit our students to charge hand phone and laptop without power supply interruption. The capacity of this Solar Charging Station is 200 Watt and will save our electrical bill till around RM 360 per year.

Electricity Usage per Year (in Kilowatt hour)

The total electricity usage of POLISAS Campus in 2019 is 4,944,486 kWh. The electricity is used for lighting, cooling, ventilating and laboratory appliances. Its show slightly decrement compare to the previous years. It is a positive sign toward our effort to achieve green campus.

Please Provide The Total Carbon Footprint (CO2 emission in the last 12 months, in metric tons